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 1 Matute, G., Yusta, J. M., Beyza, J., & Correas, L. C. (2021). Multi-state techno-economic model for optimal dispatch of grid connected hydrogen electrolysis systems operating under dynamic conditions. International journal of hydrogen energy46(2), 1449-1460.
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Publications in Conference Proceeding/Workshop
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Peer Reviewed Publications
 1 Dorin Dacian Let, Ioan Alin Bucurica, Ion Valentin Gurgu, Laurentiu Stancu, Andreea Mihaela Let, & Giorgian Marius Ionita. (2019). Assessment Of A Data Center Microgrid With Storage And Photovoltaic Generation. Journal Of Science And Arts, Year 19, No. 4(49), 1067–1076. 
 2 Loock, M. (2020). Unlocking the value of digitalization for the European energy transition: A typology of innovative business models. Energy research & social science69, 101740.


WP 1: Project management
D1.1 Project Management Plan
D1.2 Quality Plan
D1.3 Risk management and contingency plan
D1.4 Data management plan
D1.5 First period progress report
D1.6 Second period progress report
D1.7 Third period progress report
D1.8 Final project report
WP 2: Community building and end-user engagement
D2.1 Common Impact Model, Communication and Engagement strategy
D2.2 Community analysis report
D2.3 Communications strategy and engagement tools
D2.4 Sustained engagement plan and impact evaluation
D2.5 Final Common Impact Model
WP 3: Use case development
D3.1 Use cases definition
D3.2 Functional and operational requirements
D3.3 Technical Specifications
WP 4: Multi-vector energy management


D4.1 Automatic preprocessing
D4.2 Demand and Generation forecasting
D4.3 Planning and Scheduling strategy and methodology
D4.4 Advanced Multi-Vector Simulator
D4.5 Enterprise Service Bus prototype
D4.6 Visualisation software prototype
D4.7 Privacy, security and safety
WP 7: Business Creation and Exploitation
D7.1 Market and stakeholder analysis
D7.2 Business model innovator framework
D7.3 Business models and exploitation plan
D7.4 Business models, exploitation plan and policy recommendations
WP 8: Dissemination and Communication
D8.1 Project style book
D8.2 Project website and social network profiles
D8.3 Dissemination plan
D8.4 First dissemination and communication report
D8.5 Second dissemination and communication report
D8.7 Dissemination and communication final report