Presenting the University Campus pilot:
“E-LAND fits like a glove to our goals”

By Mari Kristine Buckholm, Smart Innovation Norway 5. April 2019

The Romanian pilot UVTgv Campus have already had great results in optimizing energy consumption. Through E-LAND, the institute will get one step closer to its ‘zero energy’ target.

Research scientist Dorin Let of UVTgv Campus in Targoviste, Romania.

“Our pilot site, I believe, is the best laboratory for this project, because we have different energy vectors and their storage in one place. We have been exploiting a building automation and control system for the past two years, with which we had good results.” says Dorin Let, research scientist at E-LAND pilot site UVTgv, the University Campus in Targoviste, Romania.

Significant drop in energy usage

He explains that by optimizing the consumption of the entire building, the university researchers noticed a drop in the overall electric energy usage from 1,5 MWh three years ago, to just about 500 kWh per day present time.

“By optimizing the renewable energy sources that are integrated in our building, five different configurations of photovoltaic installations combined with wind generators, alongside our solar-thermal installation, we now cover 32 percent from our daily consumption just from the sun,” notes Let.

Seeks help and support

In his opinion, the E-LAND project “fits like a glove” to the institute’s goals, targeting near zero energy usage.

“I expect the entire consortium to support and help us to achieve the goals proposed through the project,” says Let. He believes that the results of the project could be replicable to similar sites in several ways, but:

“We have to be smart in promoting the toolboxes that the project will develop.”

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