Romanian DSO puts spotlight on E-LAND

By Dorin LET, PhD.Eng. Scientific Researcher, UVTgv 4. November 2019

The Romanian pilot is in the initial engagement phase focusing on enrolling important stakeholders. The regional DSO SDEE Muntenia Nord and the Energy Company ELECTRICA SA shows big interest in E-LAND as a showcase for future developments. This was one result from the annual conference for energy quality organized at UVTgv where the E-LAND project targets were at center for an interesting debate.

Dorin LET, PhD.Eng. Scientific Researcher, UVTgv (Photo: Google pictures)

The Research Institute from Valahia University of Targoviste (UVTgv) hosted the 13th annual conference on energy quality organized by: Energy Company ELECTRICA SA, Muntenia Nord DSO, World Energy Council – Romanian National Committee, University Politehnica of Bucharest and UVTgv. The two-day event gathered professionals from the energy domain throughout Romania.

The E-LAND project presentation introduced the audience to the concept of Energy Islands. Energy efficiency at the island level and the different energy vector / energy mix concepts were presented as a case study of the E-LAND pilot. Following the stage presentation, a “hands on” tour of the facilities and the pilot’s assets was conducted.

The pilot’s microgrid implementation represented one of the main focus points of the “hands on” tour. Other topics such as energy quality, islanding issues, grid interface, dynamic control and forecasting topics were debated on site and showcased live.

Combining different energy vectors through smart automation to achieve higher levels of CO2 reduction in different types of buildings, raised interest. Ongoing research and development in the E-LAND Use Case definitions were discussed. The project team received valuable insights and suggestions, and UVTgv team look’s forward at improving the solutions and tailoring E-LAND toolboxes.

More about the conference:

Organized in two sessions (“Monitoring energy quality in smart grids” and “Energy quality in distributed generation networks”) the conference hosted 23 presentations and 130 participants. The organizers printed a Full Book (ISSN 2247-773X) of 180 pages with the presentations and the scientific articles.

Regional and national companies involved in energy business were present showcasing some of their top products. Discussion topics around keywords like SCADA, IoT, MQTT, Smart Grids, Smart Meters, Prosumer, Virtual Power Plants, Smart City and Artificial Intelligence; kept participants “On grid”.

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