The E-LAND Toolbox: The Common Impact Model

By Ioana-Emilia Badea, GECO Global 9. June 2020

In the ELAND Toolbox, the Common Impact Model is the core community engagement tool. The tool aims to understand what it takes to achieve and manage social acceptance and behavioral change in energy projects.

Thomas Mikkelsen, CEO, and founder of GECO Global has shared his view on how this model came together, the development process of the tool to support customer engagement as well as how he sees the impact of the model and what are the learnings from the first implementations.

A need for an engagement tool in the industry

‘’It was taken so much as granted that communication and marketing was something that you could apply afterward when you have your technology available, so we wanted to basically, create a new starting point, by understanding what are the customers’ needs, their values, their perceptions’’ says Thomas.

A process tool

Thomas explains that this tool is a methodology that can be utilized and applied in many different situations and will be developed over time: ‘’the starting point is a quite detailed analysis of the stakeholders, realizing that people are different, situations are different. So, it’s not as if it’s a tool you can take and just apply, and here you have a set of elements that will always be applicable.’’


To learn more about the Common Impact Model of the E-LAND project check out the video below:

Video Markers:

00:00 Intro

00:21 How the Common Impact Model was created

01:22 Developing the tool to support customer engagement

03:02 The impact of the model

04:27 Learnings from the first implementations

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