E-LAND Horizon 2020

Novel solutions for decarbonised energy islands

Efficient, reliable and sustainable delivery of energy is critical to the health and wellbeing of all people.

The continued decarbonization of the energy sector through the use of renewable energy sources provides both interesting opportunities for local energy systems and challenges for existing electricity networks. Mainland regions such as isolated villages, small cities, urban districts or rural areas oftentimes have issues with weak or non-existing grid connections. These areas are known as energy islands.

The goal of the European-funded H2020 project E-LAND is to provide a synergistic solution between technological, societal and business challenges that the energy sector faces.

The main concept is the E-LAND toolbox – a modular set of methodologies and ICT tools to optimize and control multi energy islands and isolated communities. The modular toolbox can be customized to meet local requirements and expandable to incorporate new tools as new challenges arise.

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