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In theory Community Building is easy, in practice it is like digging for gold

By Bonnie Murphy, Behavioral Scientist, GECO GLOBAL, Finland 13. August 2019

A journey of “reading between lines” has started. First step was a study of understanding the meaning of words said in the room and interpret what was said between the lines. A lot of qualitative data has been decoded layer by layer, in the search for the golden phrases and important information to go into E-LAND project.

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PORT OF BORG: The green, sustainable harbor

By Mari K. Buckholm & Marianne R. Kahrs, Smart Innovation Norway 13. August 2019

The Port of Borg works towards a vision and ambition of becoming CO2 neutral, which means letting out zero emissions, within 2030.

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Speaking the “business language” is to condense energy data into easy-to-read numbers and figures

By Victor Ballestin Trenado & Vicente Garcia, EFINETIKA, José Martin Manuel Rapún, INYCOM, SPAIN 13. August 2019

Inycom is an ESCO in Spain which calculate Energy Performance Indicators (EPI). By EPI it is possible to monitor performance, like fluctuations and comparisons for energy optimization. EPI can be important information for plants, science parks, municipalities etc. in greener investment decisions and for future planning of business optimization. E-LAND can benefit from EPI’s to benchmark performance of electricity islands. In this article Inycom show how to calculate EPI based on a case from a production plant.

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ICT technicians design core elements for E-LAND ICT ecosystem

By Ilias Lamprinos, PhD, Master R&D Engineer, Intracom Telecom 13. August 2019

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a core part of the E-LAND ICT ecosystem, being responsible for mediation of data and services between different software components. The ESB will facilitate the realization of comprehensive business processes orchestration when each E-LAND software component is finished. In technical terms, building the ESB is about integration and interplay of IT systems in what becomes the Smart Grids domain.

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CREESC engage important stakeholders in Romania

By Andreea Baias M.Sc., CREESC, Romania 13. August 2019

E-LAND pilot Research Center of Valahia University of Targoviste (UVTgv) has taken the first steps to build an engagement community for getting external support and saw seeds in the evolution of smarter energy in Romania. E-LAND will benefit from early engagement activities, as stakeholders feel informed and an associated part of the development loop. Dialogue is a key to make a forum where you feel your input is being heard and taken into consideration.

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