ICT technicians design core elements for E-LAND ICT ecosystem

By Ilias Lamprinos, PhD, Master R&D Engineer, Intracom Telecom 13. August 2019

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a core part of the E-LAND ICT ecosystem. It is responsible for mediation of data and services between different software components.

The ESB will facilitate the realization of comprehensive business processes orchestration when each E-LAND software component is finished. In technical terms, building the ESB is about integration and interplay of IT systems in what will become the Smart Grids domain.

Ilias Lamprinos PhD, Intracom Telecom. (Photo: European Utility Week)

ESB interplays various different systems

In the context of E-LAND, an innovative and standards-based ESB is being implemented with the aim to facilitate the integration and interplay among the different systems that synthesize the IT ecosystem in the various different sites.

An ESB is the means by which service-oriented IT ecosystems connect service consuming with service providing applications, enabling them to route service calls, transform messages, mediate between communication protocols and data models, and realize comprehensive business processes.

The transformation of the energy distribution grids is directly correlated with the supporting ICT systems. Nowadays, there is an extended technical activity around integration and interoperability among systems that are used by various different stakeholders in the energy grids management and operation.

Preparing a strong ICT backbone

In most cases the solutions are tailored to specific requirements and are designed for specific use cases, which results in limited operational capacity and in lack of interoperability and integrability with other systems.

Additionally, there have been few attempts at utilizing and integrating the available data sources (e.g. upcoming weather conditions, energy prices, energy profiles, renewable energy production, etc.) for energy mix optimization and also at considering aspects such as energy storage and other flexible RES.

In the E-LAND project, a big task is to prepare a strong ICT backbone to be able to connect all the different kinds of IT systems. The E-LAND ICT ecosystem needs a solid and thorough IT construction as it has to be used for integration and interplay of IT systems at four different demonstration sites, like an industrial harbor in Norway, a University Campus site in Romania, and a Technology Park in Spain.

Who is Intracom Telecom?

Intracom SA Telecom Solutions is a company in Greece with a long track record of turnkey ICT solutions integration and deployment in clients across the globe. Among other things, the company addresses the Energy & Utilities industry, emphasizing on smart metering and end-to-end IT solutions. Intracom Telecom maintains its own R&D and production facilities and invests significantly in developing cutting-edge products and integrated solutions.

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