INVITATION: Join our Stakeholder Innovation Group!

By Sanket Puranik, Smart Innovation Norway 31. January 2020

In the framework of the E-LAND (Integrated multi-vector management system for Energy isLANDs) project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program, we cordially invite you to join our stakeholder innovation group (SIG).

The aim of the SIG is to get direct feedback from business actors. This will allow the project to address the key needs of the market, and to adapt as necessary. By involving external stakeholders in the form of SIG we are looking for answers to some pertinent and practical questions, in particular:

  • How can different players in the electricity/energy domain best capitalize on multi-vector energy management tools?
  • What economic and market opportunities can be spotted to be consequently addressed and tested by pilots? What are the most likely investment cases?
  • How can the innovation outcomes from project be best exploited for the benefit of business and society?


  • Access to key project events, and information on the latest project findings.
  • Early pick-up of concepts, software, hardware, new services, analysis and more.
  • Networking with consortium and other industry experts.
  • Influence the outcomes of the project.


The SIG will have an advisory role for providing knowledge and experience about market trends and innovations in the energy field.

  • To share insight and to produce constructive criticism
  • To point in the direction of similar work
  • To support us in finding business havens for the research findings and take-aways that the project will produce

As a SIG member you would be invited for business development workshops and to answer few surveys. Joining the SIG is on a non-binding and voluntary basis. Travel costs for attending the meetings can be covered by the project budget, if needed.

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Personal Release

By registering, participants agree that personal data as well as photographs taken during the event may be electronically processed. In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), your data will be processed confidentially and for legitimate purpose only, i.e., for documentation reporting and communication activities related to the E-LAND project. Furthermore, you agree that the list of participants may be provided to all attendees. After conclusion of the project including its review period, we will delete your personal data in compliance with GDPR Art. 17 (1). You may withdraw your consent via e-mail to

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