Novel solutions for decarbonised energy islands

The E-LAND project was developed on the basis that access to clean, affordable and efficient energy is a right for all and with the hopes that this project will improve quality of life, health and safety, as well as employment opportunities on an international scale.

The project is part of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 “Secure, clean and efficient energy” under the specific section “Smart citizen-centred energy system” and under the topic LC-SC3-ES-3-2018-2020 “Integrated local energy systems (energy islands)”. In accordance with the topic, E-LAND will have an impact in nine different areas.


Main Impact Areas

  1. Relevant, compatible and supportive with the broad EU energy policy context
  2. Contribute to the 2030 Climate & Energy objectives: 40% GHG reduction (with respect to 1990) and at least 27% of renewables by 2030
  3. Validate solutions for decarbonisation of the local energy system – taking advantage of the availability of local renewable resources – while ensuring a positive impact on local economy, social aspects, and air quality
  4. Enhance the involvement of local energy consumers and producers and test new business models
  5. Validate approaches to a safe and secure local energy system that integrates significant shares of renewables (electricity, heating, cooling, water, wastes, etc.)
  6. Benchmark technical solutions and business models that can be replicated in many local regions and that are acceptable to local citizens
  7. Reduce loneliness through collaboration within the energy community
  8. Develop an associative economy
  9. Design a cellular energy structure

NORWAY: The Industrial Harbor (Fredrikstad)

The Port of Borg is situated in an industrial area on a small peninsula called Øra just outside Fredrikstad, Norway. The area is home to an assortment of industry actors including recycling plants, district heating, LNG storage and distribution, and food industry...

SPAIN: The Technology Park (Huesca)

Walqa Technology Park is located in the North East of Spain near the city of Huesca. The park is an initiative run by Aragon regional government entities and the local city council and is the work place of around 1000 employees...

ROMANIA: The University Campus (Targoviste)

The campus of Valahia University of Targoviste is a 142.000 m2 campus situated in the centre of Romania, 260 meters above sea level. Heavy rain, high winds and a large seasonal temperature differences are characteristic of the area...

INDIA: The Industrial Metropolitan (Delhi/Mumbai)

BYPL is licenced to supply and distribute electricity in Central and North Delhi. The 1.6 million customers in this region are both residential buildings and industry actors such as food industries, recycling plants, care providers, and energy production storage...