The project is divided into four main phases, with a total of nine milestones. The four phases are (1) Analysis, (2) Planning and Preparation, (3) Pilot Testing, and (4) Validation and Business Exploitation Planning. Follow the progress (milestones) of the project below:

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Project Setup

The first milestone represents the beginning of the project. All beneficiaries are engaged, legal requirements are finalised, and the kick-off meeting has been held. The project has officially begun. Full steam ahead!

1. January 2019

Establish Communication

As part of the analysis in the Common Impact Model, a minimum of 10 stakeholders per pilot site have been identified. These stakeholders will be instrumental in developing our engagement strategies and incentives within the local community.

1. March 2019

Community Building

Our community stakeholders met for the first time to discuss strategies and plans to engage the communities at each pilot site.

1. May 2019

System Requirements

A preliminary study has been done to understand the logistical and technical requirements for each pilot site. Special attention has been paid to the Indian pilot sites.

1. January 2020

Pilot Setup

The community is engaged and the technical requirements for each pilot site have been finalized. We are ready for real-life pilot deployment!

1. July 2020

Technical Component Integration

The individual technical components including the Enterprise Service Bus prototype, visualization software prototype, and automatic pre-processing are ready to be implemented!

1. January 2021

Integration of Management System

The operation and planning strategy has been defined based on optimization methods that consider multiple energy vectors, grid scheduling and costs.

1. January 2021

One Year of Successful Piloting

All pilots have been successfully running for 12 months.

1. January 2021

Project Complete

The project was a success.

30. November 2022