WORKSHOP: Facilitating Local Multi-Vector Energy Systems with the E-LAND toolbox

How to jointly operate multiple energy vectors and sectors at local level? How to size and plan investments in local energy system considering multiple vectors? What it takes to integrate multiple DERs under one platform in a local energy system?

Join us in the workshop where we answer these questions and share experiences from ongoing H2020 project.

  • Date: September 30, 2021
  • Time: 14:30-17:30 CET
  • Target audience: Energy communities/cooperative, ESCOs, Facility managers/owners, harbours, software/middleware companies, energy solution turnkey providers and research institutions
  • Venue: Virtual workshop under the Sustainable Places event


Multi-vector local Energy Systems (LES) face challenges from optimal investment planning to their actual integrated operations. H2020 E-LAND project is developing tools to overcome these challenges. In this workshop, hosted by the project, the novel tools concerning multi-vector energy system operation and planning will be discussed at a high level. Further, co-creation sessions will be held with participants to explore potential exploitation pathways to take benefit from the tools.

>> How to participate

  • Consortium members and the project’s dedicated stakeholder innovation group members shall get free passes to attend the virtual workshop. If you are already a member please send in a request via email to:
  • If you like to support the project and get the opportunity to participate for free then please register for the stakeholder group here. Once you have registered to the group please send in a request to participate in the workshop to:


Tentative Agenda







Duration Agenda Presenter
14:30 Logging in 
14:35 Welcome + Introduction Smart Innovation Norway
14:55 Investment planning for multi-vector energy systems

  • Multi-Vector Simulator
  • Energy Planning Application
Reiner Lemoine Institut + Intracom Telecom
15:25 Multi-vector operational optimisation

    • Optimal Scheduler
    • Energy Forecaster
    • Data Pre-processing Application
University of Girona
15:55 Break
16:05 Integration of the local energy system infrastructure Intracom Telecom + Schneider Electric
16:30 Co-creation session: tool evaluation & exploitation pathways Moderated by Smart Innovation Norway
17:20 Final Remarks Moderated by Smart Innovation Norway